What are the Safest and Healthiest Oils for Deep Frying?

Deep fried food is unhealthy. Because when food is deep fried, it absorbs all the oil in it. When this food is eaten, a person receives more fat then required. This fat leads to many diseases like obesity, heart problems, fatty liver etc. You should try these juices as well for losing weight and some tips on losing belly fat.

But in one way we can make deep fried food a bit healthy, that is by choosing oil that is suitable for frying. This involves oils which have more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. There are many types of oils available in the market, but we should look for the one that has highest amount of unsaturated fats.

One more thing that should be kept in mind before buying oil for deep fry is its smoke point. Smoke point of oil is the point where it starts burning. The higher the smoke point, the better it is for deep frying.

oils for deep frying

Out of so many types of oils present in the market are a few healthiest and safest oils for deep frying purposes.

1. Butter or Margarine


Butter or margarine is used widely for both deep frying and shallow frying purposes. These are also called as Deep Frying Fats. But these are not very suitable for both because they have low smoke points and burn quickly.

Also butter and margarine have saturated fats which tend to increase bad cholesterol in our body.  It is said about margarine that it is cancer causing. It is neutral in taste.

2. Peanut Oil

Peanut oil is one of the healthiest oils for deep frying. Peanut oil has high smoke point which is about 471F, which is quite a lot and it won’t burn easily. Peanut oil also has antioxidants in it, like resveratrol. This antioxidant is very good for a healthy heart.

Other than that antioxidants trap free radicals and delay early aging and combat cancer. Peanut oil has a nutty taste which may incorporate in food.

3. Olive Oil

olive oil

Olive oil is also one of the healthiest options for deep frying. Olive oil has both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. This helps in increasing good cholesterol (HDL) in our body. But the only disadvantage of using it for deep frying is that has low smoke point, which is about 320-330 F.

This means that it is going to burn fast. The taste of olive oil is somewhat neutral.

4. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is also one of the healthiest oils for deep frying. It has numerous amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Mustard also has a good number of omega # fatty acids and antioxidants. Mustard oil doesn’t increase bad cholesterol in our body.

Other than this the antioxidants present capture free radicals and help prevent diseases like cancer and also delay aging. Mustard oil has high smoke point so it is ideal for deep frying. The taste is not neutral and may change the flavor of food that is being fried.

5. Corn Oil

corn oil

Corn oil is the best for deep frying purposes. It increases good cholesterol in our body and keeps it healthy and the cholesterol level remains controlled. It also has a good taste and doesn’t spoil the taste of food that is being frying in it. It also has high smoke point i.e. 453 F.

6. Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is also one of the most used oil for deep frying. It has a high smoke point of around 450 F and the flavor is also neutral which doesn’t affect the flavor of food being deep fried. It is derived from soybean, soybeans are loaded with antioxidants, and thus it is very healthy also.

Soybean oil also has polyunsaturated and monounsaturated along with omega 3 fatty acids. This makes it even more healthy and safe for deep frying purposes.

7. Canola Oil

Canola oil is also widely used for deep frying purposes. This is because it is not very expensive and is available easily. Canola oil is low in saturated fats which make it safe for deep frying. Also canola oil has high smoke point which is around 468 F, ideal for deep frying.

The flavor of canola oil is mild and doesn’t affect the taste of food.

8. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil is suitable oil for deep frying. It is widely used for it. Sunflower oil has good amount monounsaturated fats and very low amount of saturated fats. It has a smoke point of 450 F which is on the higher side and makes it ideal for deep frying.

Other than this sunflower oil has Vitamin E in and its taste is also neutral and doesn’t spoil or change the flavor of food being friend.

9. Rice bran Oil

Rice bran oil is not used as widely as other oils mentioned but it also very healthy to use it. Rice bran oil has 47% of monounsaturated fats which make it very healthy for frying purposes.

Other than this it also has Vitamin E, Oleic Acid, Lanoleic Acid and antioxidants. It has a good smoke point and the taste is also very natural. Rice bran Oil is stable in nature even at high points.

10. Groundnut Oil

It is one of the best oils available for deep frying purposes. It has a lot of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and has low quantity of harmful saturated fats. It has a smoke point of 450 F or 232 C which is ideal for deep frying. The flavor of ground nut oil is pretty neutral and doesn’t spoil the taste of food.

Above is the list of few of the healthiest oil available in the market. Although these are healthy for deep frying, but deep fried food is not healthy for eating and should be avoided as much as possible. This is because oils at high temperatures get denatured and toxins are formed.

These toxins get absorbed in our food and we eat them, which is very harmful. Other than this deep fried food is number one cause for obesity nowadays, and as it is said obesity is the mother of all diseases.

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