9 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Is Good for Your Health

Apple cider vinegar is widely found in all the kitchens easily. But only a very few people know about how beneficial it is for our health. It is used in many anecdotal remedies and has shown brilliant effects. All vinegars contain Acetic Acid.

They may be pasteurized, unpasteurized or organic, also there are other different varieties preset on the racks. It has many health benefits which start from alleviating the symptoms of cold or controlling hiccups to helping with serious diseases like cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems and weight issues.

Apple cider vinegar

1. Reduces bloating and Helps with the weight.

Apple Cider Vinegar has acetic in it, when it is taken it increases the amount of acid present in the stomach. This increased quantity of acid in the stomach speeds up the process of digestion. And the food is digested quickly.

Whereas when digestion is slow, acid present in the stomach refluxes, this gives a feeling of fullness and irritates esophagus.

Apple cider vinegar also cancels out the effect of carbs we take. When we take carbohydrates and take Apple Cider Vinegar on it, the enzymes that are responsible for digestion of carbohydrates are denatured and the carbohydrates cannot be digested. They are excreted as it is and you don’t gain the calories.

2. Healthy food becomes more nutritious.

When the acid preset in our stomach is enough, our body is unable to digest few nutritious things like folate, Vitamin B6, iron and calcium. When Apple Cider Vinegar is taken the quantity of acid in our stomach increases, this acid helps in digestion of important nutrients like Vitamin B6, iron, calcium and folate.

3. Keeps you active.


Apple cider vinegar also helps you be active the entire day. This happens when a lot of sugar is taken the blood sugar level in our body rises, this hike I blood sugar level makes us lethargic and lazy. Taking apple cider vinegar before meal prevents this sudden hike in blood sugar level and keeps us active and running.

Some researchers have show that Apple Cider vinegar keeps you full for a longer period of time. Thus when you take white bread with apple cider vinegar as compared to without vinegar, the one take with vinegar keeps you full for a long time and doesn’t make you hungry readily.

Some athletes are known to drink apple cider vinegar one night before performance because it is known to turn muscle carbs into energy.

4. Controls blood pressure.

Some researchers have shown that when apple cider vinegar when taken before breakfast helps you lower your blood pressure. Thus it is very helpful for people who have hypertension or if there is sudden hike in blood pressure.

5. Keeps the bad odor away.

Apple cider vinegar also helps in keeping all types of bad odor away. When drunk regularly it helps fight the bad breath. Although other mouth fresheners and mouth washes work better, but apple cider vinegar also helps to some extent.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used in treatment of smelly feet. When you have complain of smelly feet, take a wipe and our some apple cider vinegar on it and wipe off the feet.

6. Balances pH.

Although Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature, once you drink it helps make your body’s pH more alkaline. People who have more vegetarian diet and less meaty diet tend to have more bone density.

Thus when your body’s pH is more basic, your bones are denser and healthier.

7. Cleanser for fruits.

This use is pretty much new to hear. Usually we wash are fruits and vegetables I running and we are good to go, but that on cleans the visible dirt from them.

When apple cider vinegar diluted with distilled water is used as a spray for cleaning fruits and vegetables, they may eradicate bacteria like Salmonella (a serious diarrhea causing bacteria)

8. Helps with heartburn.

Apple cider vinegar helps with the heartburn, but that is only possible when you know the origin of heartburn. When the heartburn is due to some ulcer of erosive lesion on the stomach lining or esophagus lining drinking apple cider vinegar may aggravate it even more.

Whereas when acidity or heartburn is due to indigestion of something you have eaten, taking apple cider vinegar may add acetic acid to the acid already present in the stomach and speeds up digestion.

9. Helps with Flu.


Apple cider vinegar has a property of breaking mucus. This property is really helpful when treating flu. Apple cider vinegar when taken with water helps clearing out sinuses and blocked nose. Apple cider vinegar also has antibacterial properties.

So when someone is suffering from sore throat, gargles of apple cider vinegar diluted with water can help get rid of an itchy stomach.


The above mentioned uses of Apple cider Vinegar are research proved and can be vouched for. But there are other uses which are not proven by research but the word of the mouth.

These involve usage of apple cider vinegar as a household cleaner because it has antibacterial properties, it can be sprayed on plants and it will keep weeds away from the plants.

It also helps in lowering the circulating blood cholesterol, apple cider vinegar is also used as a hair wash; where it has shown to leave hair silky, smooth and soft, it can also be used as a facial toner or conditioner, helps in making bruises lighter, helps in whitening of teeth when diluted with water, can be used as a preservative in fresh fruit juices.

It can also be used in baking where it helps in lifting of cookies, cakes etc, used in making sauces where it adds the tangy flavor, acts as a taste maker when added to soups, used as a dressing for salads and many more.

Thus apple cider vinegar has many uses and is beneficial in so many ways, so having one bottle of apple cider vinegar in your pantry can help you in hundred of ways.

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